Our society places great emphasis on physical attributes. Teaching young people to increase their confidence in their own unique talents, abilities and interests reduces their reliance on physical appearance as their main measure of self-worth.  Poor body image and self-esteem in youth can lead to them withdrawing from social, academic and economic opportunities. Building resilience is key to helping young people achieve a more positive body image and strong self-esteem.

When youth have healthy self-esteem, they feel more positive about their bodies and find it easier to make good decisions for themselves that promote health, including taking better care of the needs of their bodies.

For many years BANA has offered free presentations to those in our community, schools and camp programs; from grade 5 through post-secondary and even adults.   As the influence of media, technology and our ever changing society are inundating youth at alarmingly young ages; we are pleased to announce our Be Yourselfer’s Puppet Project designed specifically to reach children in junior kindergarten through grade 4.

This exciting new program consists of a puppet show, presented in video format by our health promotion team followed by interactive games and Q&A discussions.  Topics for this age level include: bullying, body-based harassment, and nutrition and are presented through scenarios acted out by the puppets. Each puppet program (video and follow up activity) runs approximately 20-30 minutes in length, and like our other presentations are offered FREE of charge.

For more information about, or to book our Be Yourselfer’s Puppets or any other BANA presentation CLICK HERE to visit our Health Promotion site.