Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW)

What is Eating Disorders Awareness Week?

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) runs annually February 1st- 7th. EDAW has been commemorated across Canada since 1988 by established eating disorder organizations, education and public health institutions, and concerned members of the public. It draws attention to the causes, prevalence and impact of eating disorders. Traditionally, organizations around the country host local events, light notable landmarks in purple, and engage in public education campaigns in an effort to raise awareness of eating disorders.

The year’s national theme is What Happened While You/We Waited. This theme was chosen to highlight the lived experiences of those with eating disorders who are in need of quality and accessible mental health treatment in our country. The theme also emphasizes the nuances of this time, including both the positive and negative implications of the pandemic. It is estimated that over 1 million Canadians have an eating disorder, although that number is like under reported, given the secrecy around having an eating disorder, as well as, the stigma of mental illness and seeking help. To highlight this year’s theme, you will find within BANA’s Be Yourself Magazine and on our social media, features on Canadians with lived experience, and their stories on how they navigated accessing treatment and their recovery. Some good news that occurred in December of 2020 surrounding EDAW within Ontario. Ontario MPP Jill Andrew (Toronto—St. Paul’s), the NDP critic for Women’s Issues, announced the passage of her bill proclaiming the first week of February Eating Disorders Awareness Week . Learn more about Jill and her passion for eating disorder advocacy on page 6.

What does BANA have planned for EDAW 2021? COVID-19 will not stop us from educating the public and raising awareness! Given the changes the pandemic has brought to the way we do outreach, BANA will be hosting our Eating Disorders Awareness Week events virtually this year! The week of February 1st-7th, 2021, we will be hosting various virtual educational events you won’t want to miss, a virtual yoga class in support of eating disorder awareness, and special EDAW edition of our ‘Be Yourself Podcast’ with a guest from The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC).

You can also expect us to be on our social media channels, @banawindsor, with special guests and additional eating disorder awareness information the week of EDAW. Be sure to look out for a special giveaway on our Instagram for those who show their support for this cause! Want to get involved? Check out our schedule below for more details on what we have planned for EDAW 2021!

Want to donate? We accept donations! To help support local services in Windsor-Essex, visit this link: to give back to BANA. This year, you can also sign up for our virtual yoga class hosted by local studio, Strong Body Yoga & Fitness. You will be able to access this class all week long. Your sign-up fee comes back to BANA. Follow this link to register:

Another way you can donate is to buy a BANA ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ T-shirt for $10 to support BANA by emailing us at


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