This past October the staff at BANA was thrilled to receive the Platinum Level Gord Smith Healthy Workplace Wellness Award from the Windsor Essex County Health Unit.

Wellness in the workplace cannot be treated as a band-aid. It’s not something that you can find online or in a fitness app.  It requires dedication, motivation, support and engagement at all levels of the organization in order to develop and maintain a successful program. At BANA, we have found that in to attain our goals, it takes more than just implementing policy.

The process needs to be inclusive to all and developed so that employees can be involved in the planning and implementation so can they fully buy into the desire to succeed. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change. It takes time and commitment.

Regardless of organizational size, healthy lifestyles are attainable. Having gone from the Bronze level to Platinum at the Gord Smith Healthy Workplace Awards in 3 years like we have at BANA, requires investment in time and resources.

Motivation is key and the remembrance that the habits we employ at work will carry forth into the rest of our lives. Experiences become routines, and routines will have lifelong benefits.

Receiving these awards from the Windsor Essex County Health Unit are a wonderful recognition of the efforts and achievements our staff who have worked so hard; but the real reward is our lasting wellness.

Thank you the Windsor Essex County Health Unit for the motivation and we look forward to working together on a healthier community.