BANA Virtual Presentations FAQ’s

We are happy to offer our school board approved presentations to your organization on various topics including Self Esteem, Body Image, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Size Acceptance, Body Based Harassment, Media/Social Influences and more.

Presentations typically run between 45 minutes - 1 hour in length.

We ask that there is a minimum of 4 participants for booking. The presentations were designed specifically for groups. One-on-one presentations are not available.


Our society places great emphasis on physical attributes. Teaching young people to increase their confidence in their unique talents, abilities and interests reduces their reliance on physical appearance as their main measure of self-worth. When adolescents have healthy self-esteem, they feel more positive about their bodies and find it easier to make good decisions for themselves that promote health, including taking better care of the needs of their bodies.

During our presentation students will learn about the concepts of self-esteem and body image. We also examine the factors which can influence our self-esteem such as the media/social media and societal pressures.

This presentation includes an interactive jeopardy-style game to encourage and promote participation and reinforce key concepts presented.



Poor body image and self-esteem in youth can lead to them withdrawing from social, academic and economic opportunities. Building resilience is key to helping young people achieve a more positive body image and strong self-esteem.

Our ‘Sizing Up the Media” presentation examines how the images in the media/social media create feelings of negative body image, inadequacy, low self-esteem and how they put us at risk for disordered eating. This presentation also teaches how media messages are constructed, thereby allowing youth to be informed consumers of social media. Using visual aids, encourages viewers to re-evaluate the images presented by the advertising industry.

Teaching media literacy (which includes the ability to critically evaluate media) skills helps youth develop resilience against negative messages or the comparison trap.

This presentation also includes an interactive game to encourage and promote participation and reinforce key concepts presented.



This innovative presentation focused on how society affects the development of a healthy body image within the LGBTQ+ community. Hear from BANA’s health promotion team as they discuss how the images we see in the media and/or social media can create feelings of negative body image, inadequacy, low self-esteem and how they put us at risk for disordered eating.

The portrayal of the LGTBQ+ in modern media, its unattainable ideals and the effects stereotypical representation will be addressed along with healthy ways to achieve a more positive body image. Interactive activities and sharing will be encouraged to shed light upon how no one is immune to body image concerns.

We discuss the relationship between eating disorders, body image and the everyday language we use about food as well. Build new pathways to self-acceptance, take pride in who you are and learn new tools for individuals and the LGTBQ+ community as a whole so that we can work together towards a healthier mind and body.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve been using different platforms to complete the presentation. Our health educators are added as guests and/or moderators to virtual meetings created by the group requesting the presentation. We share our screen and it has been working out quite nicely. We’ve been added to several different platforms including: Zoom, Go-To Meeting, Google Meets and Blackboard.

We are happy to have a ‘test run’ on your platform prior to the presentation date to ensure all is working as intended.

BANA does have a platform of their own as a second option, however, we have found it to be more seamless if the organizer requesting the presentation invites their own participants, and we join your platform as a guest and/or moderator, as we would if presenting in person.

Yes, it is in real-time. One or more of our health educators will be presenting at a scheduled time agreed upon when booking.

At this time, we do not provide a pre-recorded version of the presentations, as they were intended to have a more interactive component, as well as, we feel it is important that there is the opportunity for clarifications to be made and questions to be addressed by one of our health educators.

  • Approximate  number of participants
  • Day/time preferred
  • What type of group it is and/or age range of the participants (i.e. girls youth group, grade 5 class, newcomers group, girl guides, etc.)
  • If translation might be needed for participants

The best way to book a presentation is by filling out the HP Request form at the bottom of the page on our website.

You can also e-mail our health educator, Stephani, directly at:

For additional information, call BANA at 519-969-2112.

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