Primary Care Providers

In partnership with Windsor Essex Community Health Centre – Teen Health, BANA provides a centralized intake service to residents of Windsor-Essex. Intake services are provided free of charge to all ages. By streamlining inquiries and access to treatment, this allows our team to provide continuity in care.

Begin your journey today by following the instructions below.

BANA requires a referral completed by the patient’s primary care provider. We do not accept self-referrals or walk-ins.  Please Click Here for the referral form.

Please note, BANA requires the full referral to be completed with blood work (CBC, Electrolytes including extended lytes (Ca, Mg, PO4), Cr, random glucose, LFTs, Liver Enzymes, TSH, and lipids) and ECG from the last 3 months. Incomplete referrals will not be triaged for intake.

After the completed referral is received, if eligible for further investigations, your patient will be contacted with a date and time to meet with an eating disorder clinician for an initial assessment (psychosocial and medical). Following the assessment, you will be notified of the treatment recommendations. If you or your patient have any questions about this process, please contact BANA at 519-969-2112.

Please see the referral form for BANA’s eligibility criteria. At this time, we do not provide intensive daily support.

We will decline your referral if our services do not adequately meet the needs of your patient.

We will inform you of our treatment recommendations.